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Daily Inspiration


June 4, 2020




‘The person who invents a way to keep your Smartphone fully charged 24/7 will be the wealthiest person alive.

As I write this I am in an airport waiting for my flight (3 hours delayed so far) and to pass the time I surf.  When it reaches 20% power, panic sets in but thankfully there are charge stations throughout the airport.

Everyone else had the same idea so every charge port was taken.  I asked my mates to watch my bags and headed to the bar to enjoy a cold one. Even there was a complimentary charging station but I could only visualize my charging cord sitting in my bag back by the boarding gate.

  It got me to thinking about power from on high in the form of the Holy Spirit.

“I AM going to send you what My Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with Power on high.” Luke 24:49

  Jesus promised The Holy Spirit to the ones who receive Him as Lord.  Never would you have to feel alone-The Holy Spirit lives in the heart and lives of those who believe.

  So, 24/7 we are bathed in the power of God.  That makes us the wealthiest people in the world.’ DF