Daily Inspiration

November 22, 2021




“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

Psalm 51:10




  ‘”Purify my heart, make me be as gold and precious silver.  Purify my heart, make me be as gold, pure gold.

  Refiners fire, my heart’s desire is to be Holy, set apart for You Lord.”


  ‘Refiners Fire’ is a beloved Worship song from years ago but its truth holds up through time. But what does it mean to be set apart, what does it mean to be refined?

  Let’s consider this:

Refiners fire-Won’t that burn, doesn’t that hurt?

Set Apart- Doesn’t that involve making choices, decisions that may not be popular but decisions that will be right?


  I choose to be set apart and refined by God and for God.  I’ve walked the fence wearing a safety harness, one attached to a bungee cord so if I fell off I would be jerked back onto the fence to continue my precarious tightrope walk. 

  Walking on coals may burn the bottom of your feet but at least you’ll know where you’ve stepped.

   I choose to leave the burn unit care to You Lord.’ DF