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Daily Inspiration


September 19, 2019


Read Psalm 139




  ‘We’re a medium sized business with a hands on approach.  Ownership is right there working alongside our colleagues in the trenches, actively involved.  We like to think we are accessible, tuned in and ready to respond to our customers’ needs.

   Invariably we’ll get comments like, “boy are you hard to get a hold of, you’re always on the phone,” or “Did you open the email I sent you?” or “I left you a message ½ hour ago and you haven’t called me back.”  It’s not like we’re trying to be evasive, when you are doing one task that is important to one customer, then you are not available to answer the call on hold, or open that email or access that voice mail.  We can only be one place at one time.


  I always return to Psalm 139, almost daily.  I see my Lord as a hands on Lord.  But unlike our business, God is able to multi-task; in fact, He can be defined as the All Powerful Multitasker.  Not only that but He knows all our thoughts, He knows our motivation, our fears and troubles, all that is in our hearts.

He is available, He hears and responds 24/7.


  I know because of my personal relationship with Jesus (see John 1:12) I have the ear of the Father.’ DF