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Daily Inspiration

              March 21, 2019


“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

James 4:8




  “‘Draw near’ in the Greek is “Eggizo” meaning communion with God in prayer and the desired and cherished fellowship with Him.  It is used as a verb whereby you are approaching God.


 Now is this a contradiction to Hebrews 13:5, “I will never desert you, nor will I even forsake you.”?

I think not, James is speaking of a state of mind and heart.  God hasn’t gone anywhere.   In His great love He allows us the free will to decide whether we want to commune with Him.  It’s like He is waiting in the Reading room, He has stoked the fire, prepared some blankets, made the hot chocolate, and He waits patiently for you rise early, slide into your slippers, and pad downstairs in you jammies and bad hair and jump into the chair with Him, tired and excited at the same time.


He’s glad you came, He never frowns if it’s been a while, He always delights in welcoming you and it’s like you never left off.


The Devil on the other hand hates it when you meet with the Lord.  He’ll do his very best to encourage you to hit the snooze button countless times, to make the covers just too warm to leave, he’ll distract your mind, whisper wandering thoughts of the day ahead or of the day gone by.  Your meeting with God will go the bottom of your “To Do” list if the Devil had his way so it does involve a definite act of will on your part but it will be place you would rather be once you’re there.


NO agenda, NO worries-A Bible, A Chair, A Cushion and your Knees.’ DF