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Daily Inspiration


November 19, 2019




  ‘Centurion: You need only say the word.


“Men always need to “do” something.  Many a woman would testify that all the want is for their spouse/partner to sit and listen and hear them.  To appreciate what they are going through and show compassion and understanding.


  Easier said than done! Men are wired to jump on their horse and slay the dragon and save the damsel in distress.

  How can sitting, holding and expressing possibly save a situation?

One Sunday we were teaching the 4 year olds about the faith of the Centurion solder who went to Jesus to ask to have his servant healed (see Matthew 8:5-13)

The Centurion was a man in Authority and when Jesus said He would go to heal the man’s servant, the Centurion said he didn’t need to see Jesus do it, he simply believed that when Jesus would say the word, it would be done.

  I asked the 4 year old students if they could give me names of foreign countries:

Mexico, Niagara Falls and Canada were shouted out but when Hawaii was offered we had one that would work perfectly for our illustration.

After explaining that we couldn’t drive to Hawaii but we could pray for someone in Hawaii without ever having to leave our home.  I thought of how amazing God is to want to partner with us.  As believers, we could pray for anything and we would be connecting with the Almighty God of the universe, a God of infinite power and love.  We could reach all the corners of the world and not leave our family room.  I find this privilege to be amazing and one not to be ignored.’DF